Arch Window Blinds for Your Santa Clarita Home

Arch Window Blinds for Your Santa Clarita Home
November 12, 2014 SDC Admin

Arch Window Blinds Can Help Your Santa Clarita Home Look Great!

Arch window blinds are designed to help and filter or even block out natural light in order to reduce the light that is in a room while lowering your energy costs. There is no need to sacrifice aesthetic appeal or functionality, even for windows with less than normal shapes. By choosing the Hunter Douglas brand of window blinds, you can feel confident that the selection you make will be durable, great looking and functional.Arch Window Blinds in Santa Clarita

For many homeowners, arched windows represent a huge challenge. However, there are other options like simply leaving them uncovered or having to compromise with the wrong fit or ugly style. Some of the most popular options for arched windows, available from The Vertical Factory and  Hunter Douglas include the following:

  • Horizontal Wood or Faux Wood: If you have an eyebrow shaped window, this is a good option since they can be fit to both imperfect and perfect arches.
  • Sunset Faux Wood: These are available in a number of different colors and create a sunset look effect in your arch window.
  • Honeycomb or Cellular: You can opt for blackout or light filtering and one of the most popular options available.

No matter the size and shape of your arch, stationary, gothic, extended, eyebrow, half circle, imperfect, quarter circle or perfect, Hunter Douglas will have the right blinds for your needs.

If you have already selected Hunter Douglas blinds for the rest of the windows in a room, you can continue the look to the arch windows. The good news is that Hunter Douglas can customize the shape and size so that it meets your exact needs.

There is no question that the Hunter Douglas name is synonymous with durability, style and great looking results. You can feel confident that when you purchase this brand, you will have blinds that look great and provide superior functionality. While these blinds may be a bit higher priced than other off-the shelf options, they are custom fit for your windows by our one of our Window Covering Design Specialist™. And will last much longer than anything purchased pre-cut.

If you would like to browse the various options available for arch window blinds from Hunter Douglas, visit The Vertical Factory in Santa Clarita today. Here you will find a huge selection of blinds with one being idea for your needs.


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