Best Window Treatments for Your Bathroom

Best Window Treatments for Your Bathroom
March 20, 2017 The Vertical Factory
bathroom window treatments santa clarita

Best Window Treatments for Your Bathroom

bathroom window treatments santa claritaWhile homeowners in Santa Clarita love a well-lit bathroom, you don’t want to compromise privacy. There are also issues with moisture and having window treatments that are easy to clean. Fortunately, you don’t have to allow your choices for bathroom window treatments to be limited. With help from The Vertical Factory, we can help give you custom window treatments in your bathroom that will be beautiful, functional, and meet all of your needs.


When it comes to blinds, you can choose from a variety of materials that include vinyl, aluminum, fabric and wood. The Venetian blinds allow light in when open while providing privacy when closed. The wood, vinyl, aluminum, and PVC blinds are quite easy to clean, while the fabric blinds give your room the soft furnishings you need to make a huge difference in the décor. You may also prefer the Roman blinds that fold up to let light into your bathroom. Avoid the fabric blinds in moist areas or places where dust might be a problem. While choosing the right material for your blinds, avoid introducing wood in moist areas where molds and mildew might develop.


Shutters or louvers are hinged panels that are operable, allowing you to regulate the amount of light that comes in without compromising the privacy. Besides the ease of operation and maintenance, shutters add immense aesthetic value to your bathroom. The shutters have slats that you can tilt according to your preferences to regulate the light that enters your bathroom.

One of the reasons why people skimp on bathroom window treatments is because they see them as just functional rather than design elements. Besides functionality, you must consider the need for privacy, light, durability, moisture resistance, and maintenance. Here at The Vertical Factory in Santa Clarita, you can get exactly what you are looking for custom-made to fit any size and style. Visit our website or come in to our showroom to view our samples in person. Our on-site estimates and professional installations will have your bathroom looking updated and beautiful in no time.

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