Cordless Window Blinds and Shades in Santa Clarita

Cordless Window Blinds and Shades in Santa Clarita
September 25, 2015 The Vertical Factory

Cordless Window Blinds and Shades

Cordless window blinds and shades are both safe and convenient. Simply pull them down or push them up to get them in just the right place. Your window blinds will stay exactly where you leave them.

cordless-child-safetyHow They are Designed

Cordless window shades look clean and uncluttered, thanks to the cord-free appearance. The design assures that the window blinds will be securely held in place without having to adjust them. This type of design is especially safe for pets and children because there is no cord or cord mechanism.

Child Safety

Experts recommend having cord-free shades installed in your home if you have children under the age of eight. Even seemingly safe window safety devices, like break-away tassels, have been known to cause harm, as have cords that have been tied up at least six feet off the floor. Even a cord that doesn’t have a loop can still injure a child or pet. The only truly save window devices are cord-free blinds.

Don’t Rely on Retrofit Coverings

As shades and blinds have been recalled and news about child and infant injury has spread, more and more people have tried to retrofit their current window coverings with cord-free alternatives. However, if there’s still a cord on the shades or blinds, even if it’s wrapped up, the covering still poses a threat. If retrofitting is your only option, you’ll likely have to remove the cords and then keep the shades or blinds in place by using clips. Many companies provide free retrofitting kits that come with mounting tension devices.

Always Purchase New Shades

Most modern window coverings are cord-free. However, if you live in a home with old shades, it’s likely that they will still have the cord. For the most part, shades made in the last decade are cord-free. Older shades, on the other hand, have some type of cord; even the inner cord is dangerous to children and pets. There are still some shades with cords on the market today. Note that some manufacturers still sell window coverings with cords, but it’s likely that they also offer cord-free options.

Visit the Vertical Factory website today to see all of the cordless window blinds and shades that we have to offer. You are sure to find great pieces for your home without having to sacrifice the safety of your family.


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