Custom Window Coverings for Your Santa Clarita Home

Custom Window Coverings for Your Santa Clarita Home
April 3, 2014 SDC Admin

Custom Window Coverings That Fit Guaranteed

When you call on the Vertical Factory for custom window coverings in Santa Clarita, you can feel confident that you will have a customized product that fits perfectly to the windows in your home. The professional measuring and installation process that is used are essentially insurance policies to ensure that the finished product will be superior in appearance and fit.

The Importance of Professional Measurements

The technicians that will visit your home to collect the measurements for your windows, will ensure that accurate numbers are discovered, within 1/8th of an inch. This is done prior to any material being cut. The fact is that there is usually much more to consider than just the width and length of your windows, which makes a professional measurement essential.

The steps used by technicians measuring your windows include:

  • Measurement of the windows, while noting factors such as radiators, bookcases, moldings or other architectural structures that have to be considered for the ideal fit.
  • Make a plan for the installation of new window coverings in Santa Clarita to ensure that they have the proper hardware to ensure a sturdy finished product.


Why You Should Opt for Professional Installation

Hanging your new window coverings is not just another do-it-yourself project that you should try to tackle on your own. If you have extremely high windows, or other challenges, not only can it be difficult to install the coverings correctly, it can also be extremely dangerous. The installers that will come to your home from The Vertical Factory will ensure that the process is done correctly the first time and that no problems arise. The reasons that you should opt for professional installation of your window coverings in Santa Clarita include:

  • The installers are specialists in this work
  • They have the proper tools and techniques for proper measuring and installation
  • They have the know-how and experienced to ensure stability and security of the installed product

When you call on the services of The Vertical Factory you can feel confident that the results you receive for your window coverings in Santa Clarita will exceed your expectations.

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