Fun Halloween Window Decoration Ideas

Fun Halloween Window Decoration Ideas
October 3, 2016 The Vertical Factory
santa clarita halloween window decoration

Fun Halloween Window Decoration Ideas

santa clarita halloween window decorationHalloween in Santa Clarita is an enchanting time of year. It’s fun for the whole family to decorate the house in preparation for parties and trick or treaters.  After deciding what sort of Halloween decorations are going in your yard, you’ll want to dress up all of the windows in the house to complete your eerie appearance! Here are some innovative and spine-chilling concepts for creating DIY Halloween window decorations.

You can create the impression of ghosts peeking out your windows by using poster board cutouts and strategically placing them in windows with a little backlight provided by bloody candles. These are easily constructed by using regular or LED candles, and dripping red candle wax down the side to give the impression the candle is bleeding. Spider webs are a timeless classic that can be created a number of ways like using pipe cleaners, or purchasing bags of webbing to string around.  Window paints, window clings, or large window silhouettes are an easy inexpensive way to decorate the actual windows.

When choosing your indoor decorations, why not consider window treatments that add a touch of holiday pizazz, yet remain functional all year. The Vertical Factory has been supplying Santa Clarita window treatments to residents and businesses with the highest quality window shades, blinds, and shutters available since 1991. Call today and setup an appointment to visit our Santa Clarita showroom. We won’t spook you away!


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