Handy Window Blind Cleaning Tips for Santa Clarita

Handy Window Blind Cleaning Tips for Santa Clarita
August 10, 2015 The Vertical Factory
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Clean window blinds are key to a property that looks beautiful and tidy. No one wants to be in a residence or business that has dusty and dirty blinds, after all. If you purchase high-quality blinds from The Vertical Factory in Santa Clarita, these helpful tips can make keeping your blinds looking lovely and fresh an absolute piece of cake, no exaggerations.Dusting Window Blinds

Light dusting can go a long way for keeping blinds in tiptop condition. Dust your blinds lightly on a routine basis to keep them looking like you just purchased them. Not only is dusting effective, but it’s also a relatively quick and easy process. Just be sure to keep dusting mitts and other types of magnetic cleaners far away from light-dimming fabrics, as they can potentially cause harm to backing.

Spot-cleaning is also a smart option for people who want to keep their blinds looking immaculately clean at all times. Dampen a sponge or cloth with lukewarm water to spot-clean your blinds. You can also put a gentle detergent on the sponge or cloth if you want. Softly blot to refrain from causing conspicuous creases and wrinkles on your fabric. Rubbing can ruin fabrics permanently.

If you bought lovely aluminum blinds from The Vertical Factory, purchase a commercial blind cleaner from a store that sells high-quality cleaning supplies in the area. Then clean these blinds using a softly textured cloth. If your aluminum blinds are vertical, you can minimize the accumulation of frustrating static electricity by putting a small amount of detergent over the vanes. Be very thorough and don’t miss any of the vanes.

Soaking in water can also be a highly effective technique for cleaning blinds. This technique can work like a charm for both wood and aluminum blinds. Soak your shades in a blend of gentle detergent and lukewarm water. Then carefully wash them for roughly five minutes or so. Do this by softly moving the liquid using your fingers. Note that if your blinds are equipped with decorative tapes this cleaning technique may not be a good idea. After you wash the blinds, rinse them out diligently using transparent water. Shut your shades prior to taking them out of the rinse water. Then allow any extra lingering water to go away by slanting your shades. You’ll then be ready to reinstall your shades. Just be sure to lower them to give them the opportunity to dry off entirely.


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