Horizontal Window Blinds for Your Santa Clarita Home

Horizontal Window Blinds for Your Santa Clarita Home
August 18, 2014 SDC Admin

Horizontal Blinds for Your Santa Clarita Home

Are you considering purchasing new blinds for your home? If so, you may be considering the option of horizontal blinds. There are a number of different options offered by Hunter Douglas when it comes to horizontal blinds for your Santa Clarita home. Some of the options available are found here.

Parkland Genuine WoodsHorizontal Window Blinds Santa Clarita

This collection offers precision crafted blinds from only the very best North American hardwoods. You can find selections in cherry wood and genuine oak, which display the beautiful natural grain and a number of color variations.

Parkland Reflections                                                             

This selection is ideal for anyone who wants a hardwood shutter louver, but offers the efficiency of a set of blinds. The blinds feature 2.5 inch beveled slats and provide a distinct style, which are finished with beautiful paint or stain colors.

Parkland Classics

The Parkland Classic options offers rich woods and colors with modern and bright stains. This option offers the widest selection of all paint colors offered by Hunger Douglas, as well as slat sizes and stains so you will have the ability to find the perfect design for your style and home.

EverWood TruGrain

If you are searching for an alternative to wood blinds that still offer realistic grain patterns, then this is the collection that is right for you. These are designed to withstand both humidity and heat. You can choose from a number of different popular colors of stains, as well as beveled and flat options.

EverWood Distinctions

This features the best-selling selection of colors, including creams and whites. This collection that offers an alternative to wood selections and that can bring a classic and bright look to your space, especially if you live in a humid or hot area.

EverWood Renditions

This is an economical option for horizontal blinds that offers a number of different white finishes, as well as wood grain colors. These are ideal for any room that is exposed to humidity or heat.


If you want the view offered by your windows to be the focal point of your home, then you should opt for the Reveal collection that features MagnaView. These are aluminum blinds that are designed to allow the slats to nest close together. They offer twice the view that is provided with the standard two inch slat blinds.


This adds a dramatic look for large windows in your Santa Clarita home. The 2 inch Macro blinds offer a wider view-through than other options. It offers a de-Light feature, which hides the holes for the cord and blocks the light to provide better control.

Natural Elements

The Natural Element option of blinds provide a unique combination of real wood valances and aluminum slats with tilt wands, tassels and bottom rails. You can also opt for MagnaView, which is optional with de-Light is completely standard with this option of horizontal blinds.


This option is available in both one half and one inch options and come in a wide range of finishes and colors, offering homeowners a maximum level of light control and privacy. With these blinds de-Light is completely standard.


These blinds are offered in one half inch and one inch options and are the most traditional aluminum blinds, featuring standard holes for the cords as well as a contoured headrail that offers a sleek and fashionable look.


Celebrity blinds are offered in a one inch option that provide an economical assortment of various aluminum blinds, provided in a number of different colors. The beveled headrail is completely standard for the clean and traditional look.

If you are thinking about purchasing horizontal blinds for your Santa Clarita home, contact Vertical Factory today. They offer all types of Hunter Douglas blinds, and provide you with the perfect style, no matter what your needs may be.


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