Hunter Douglas PowerView System in Santa Clarita

Hunter Douglas PowerView System in Santa Clarita
October 19, 2015 The Vertical Factory

Hunter Douglas PowerView System

The technical team at Hunter Douglas designed a unique system that adjusts window treats automatically throughout the day and night. The highly advanced technology is called PowerView Motorization. After the system is programmed, it will move different treatments to a new position according to a schedule. The intuitive software that powers the window treatments can be used on a tablet or a smart phone. Overall, the PowerView system by Hunter Douglas can enhance any modern home because the equipment is offered in many sophisticated styles.

Benefits and Featureshunter-douglas-powerview-system-300

Users can control the window treatments by using the Pebble Scene Controller or the Pebble Remote Control. The remote control has buttons that operate multiple treatments or groupings and then displays information about the window treatments on a display screen. It also has a convenient pre-set mode.

App Details

The app lets users create Scenes, which determine how each window treatment will function in the home. Because the software has difference preferences, users can create ambiance in different areas by adjusting the lighting as the sun sets. The software also has various color schemes and icons. These features help different residents when they organize their own settings for the window treatments.

Scheduling Details

The scheduling tool can program different window treatments. However, each treatment will operate independently. Users can adjust the software so that the shades will provide lighting on specific days or at certain times. Since the PowerView system app has advanced technology, it can raise and lower different treatments when the sun rises and sets in specific locations. Residents can use the scheduling tool while outside of the home too. Thanks to the RemoteConnect mode, homeowners can operate their shades in different cities or states on a tablet or smart phone.

Safety Benefits

Because PowerView Motorization is has cordless technology, the equipment helps families stay safe. Window treatments that function without pull cords are ideal for environments with children because the treatments are safer and easier to use.

Battery Advantages

Many PowerView systems have a battery that powers a motor. The battery is very easy to install and maintain. Guests cannot see the battery pack because it is hidden.

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