iPad Controlled Motorized Window Blinds in Santa Clarita

iPad Controlled Motorized Window Blinds in Santa Clarita
April 18, 2014 SDC Admin

Motorized Blinds Now Offer Innovation and Function

Motorized blinds, also referred to as electric blinds, offered by The Vertical Factory provide an innovative solution for your Santa Clarita home. These blinds allow you to easily control the natural light that enters your home, with superior efficiency. Not only are these blinds functional and efficient, they will also enhance your existing décor.iPad Window Blind Remote


The motorized window blinds provide you with the ability to open, close and control the amount of light that enters your Santa Clarita home. You also never have to be concerned with the visibility of electrical components or wires, due to the fact that they are installed behind the headrail. You can opt to have the electrical components hard wired into your existing electrical system or choose a system that is powered by batteries. With these high-tech and innovative blinds, it simply makes sense to choose this efficient and functional option.


The professional technicians from The Vertical Factory will come in and install the motorized blinds in your home, after carefully measuring and choosing the option that best works for your current décor. Once the fixtures are installed you will see the convenience that is offered by motorized blinds that is just not possible with traditional types of window blinds.


Motorized Blinds Makes Life Easy

Long gone are the days of getting up and down to open or close blinds and trying to adjust the cumbersome or heavy blinds for the ideal amount of light; instead, you can simply push a button and have the perfect adjustment for the light in your room.


However, the innovation offered by motorized blinds does not stop there. There are also a number of options for remote controls. You can opt for a hand held unit, an installed wall switch, or with the Hunter Douglas model of blinds, offered from The Vertical Factory, there is an app for iPhones and iPads that will allow you to turn your phone into a remote control. Another benefit is the fact that rather than infrared being used, where you have to point the remote directly at the blinds, the remotes are integrated with specific radio frequencies that will raise, lower and adjust your blinds from anywhere in your home.

If you want a truly smart window covering option, call the Vertical Factory today for more information regarding their motorized blinds and learn about the convenience and function that these blinds have to offer your home.


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