Best Window Treatments for Your Kitchen in Santa Clarita

Best Window Treatments for Your Kitchen in Santa Clarita
January 9, 2017 The Vertical Factory
kitchen window treatments santa clarita

Best Window Treatments for Your Kitchen

kitchen window treatments santa claritaIf the kitchen is the heart of the home, the windows are the eyes that welcome in the light. As much as you may love natural light flooding into your space, there are times when privacy and economics come into play. Perhaps you don’t want the neighbors to see you sitting around the kitchen table drinking your morning cup of coffee and wrapped in your old but favorite robe. Heat and cold can also be a good reason to consider window treatments. Let The Vertical Factory in Santa Clarita help you find the best window treatments for your kitchen.

Choose Fun Roman Shades

Roman shades come in many different prints, colors, and styles, giving you plenty of choices when setting the tone of the kitchen. They also offer the ability to vary the amount of light in the room according to how far they are drawn down. Pick a large print to add a back-lit glow that accents the décor with a pop of color. Neutral colors can still filter or block out light while keeping the room calm and cool.

Mix It Up With a Shade and Shutter Combo

A shade shutters combination gives the kitchen a unique look and great versatility when managing the amount of light in the room. You have the option of closing the shutters when you want privacy but still have light coming in the top of the window. With shades on top, you can also add pattern, texture, and color.

The Versatility of Blinds

Blinds come in a variety of materials including wood which offers a classic look with the warmth offered by natural materials. Different stains and textures can bring a different look and feel to the room. Woven blinds, usually made of bamboo or similar materials, can darken a room and still let a small amount of light filter through.

Create a Kitchen Oasis

Window dressings offer a great opportunity to add personality to the kitchen. The Vertical Factory in Santa Clarita offers a variety of custom shades, shutters, and blinds. From beautiful prints to classic woven wood blinds and shutters, there’s something that will give your kitchen the look that makes you feel at home. Free consultations are available as well as professional installation services. Having the kitchen of your dreams is just a phone call away.


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