How to Mix and Match Window Treatments

How to Mix and Match Window Treatments
May 23, 2016 The Vertical Factory
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How to Mix and Match Window Treatments

santa clarita window treatmentsBeing able to personalize a room in your Santa Clarita home and make it your own is quite fun and exciting. Regardless of what you are using – art, fabric, color, wall hangings, or each of these things – it is very rewarding to be able to mix and match the look and feel of your space.

One way to diversify any room in your house and make it reflect your personal style and likes is with window treatments. Some tips to make this work can be found here.

Using Drapes

Are you interested in creating visual softness with voluminous fabric? If so, then you should try layering sheer panels and blackout drapes. You will have rooms that are bright and airy while the sun is out, but also provide sound sleeping during the night. The sheer panels will allow soft and filtered light to come in while still offering privacy. The blackout drapes provide serenity at night.

The only issue with drapes is that when they are open, they are all open. There’s not much control. Try layering these over blinds or shades underneath. You will achieve maximum privacy with the eye popping design of fabric to frame them. Blinds and shades are great for controlling the amount of light and privacy you want in any room.

Create an Eye-Catching Statement

If you layer windows in your home with draperies and Roman shades, you will be able to achieve a more elegant look and a sense of depth. The Roman shades often leave small gaps of light close to the frame. If you add decorative panels to the side of the window, it will provide you with total darkness, and let you mix and match different styles and patterns of fabric.

Create Modern Sleekness

You can easily create a modern and trendy look by simply layering crisp cell shades with more modern grommet drapes. These two options will provide versatility and are easy to operate. The unique bottom up and top down lift system will allow you to let light in from any portion of your window.

Accent Your Windows

If you want to create the ideal coordination of style and color, use wood blinds and a cornice that matches the blinds together. This type of formal accessory will complement the wood blinds and also hide them when they are completely raised. This provides an open appearance for the window.

Create Contrasting Texture

You can balance the unique texture of window shades by taking some simple drape panels and layering them on top. There are hundreds of different materials and weaves to choose from in regard to window shades, providing you with the ability to create a unique look for the style of the room.

If you are ready to create a unique look with any style of window treatments, visit the Vertical Factory in Santa Clarita Today. Here you will find hundreds of different looks and styles from Hunter Douglas to choose from that is sure to match any style and décor.


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