Motorized Window Blinds for Your Santa Clarita Home

Motorized Window Blinds for Your Santa Clarita Home
January 7, 2014 SDC Admin

Motorized Blinds for Your Santa Clarita Home


Motorized blinds from The Vertical Factory offer an innovative solution for controlling the natural light in your Santa Clarita home. Not only are these blinds an awesome addition to your décor, they also make your life easier and more enjoyable.motorized-blinds


The motorized blinds we offer combine functionality with natural beauty. You never have to worry about unsightly wires or electrical components showing, as these are hidden behind the headrail. The fact is that with this option available, it just does not make sense to limit yourself to the traditional methods of raising and lowering blinds.


When you have the professionals from The Vertical Factory install motorized blinds in your home, you can create a living environment that is comfortable, energy efficient and that has a level of luxury and convenience that is not offered by traditional window blinds.


Put simply, motorized blinds take all of the advantages offered by traditional blinds to the next leve. You no longer have to spend any time manually adjusting your heavy or cumbersome blinds, or reach over or behind furniture to eliminate the glare of the sun at certain times of day. The simple touch of a button can have your blinds adjusted perfectly, in the blink of an eye.


You have several options for the remotes that operate your blinds. You can use a hand held unit, a wall switch or, if you choose the Hunter Douglas brand of blinds from The Vertical Factory, you can install an app on your iPhone that will turn it into a remote control for your blinds. Talk about innovative technology. Additionally, these remotes use a radio frequency to open and close your blinds, which means you can control them from another part of your home.


The fact is that you can begin to turn your Santa Clarita home into a smart home with the installation of motorized blinds from The Vertical Factory. You can easily implement the motorized window covering into your home to provide function, convenience and great aesthetic appeal.


If you are ready to reap all of the benefits offered by motorized blinds for your Santa Clarita home, contact The Vertical Factory today to have high quality blinds installed.

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