Motorized Window Blinds in Santa Clarita California

Motorized Window Blinds in Santa Clarita California
March 13, 2014 SDC Admin

Motorized Window Blinds for Your Santa Clarita Home

Are you searching for an innovative solution to control the amount of natural light that enters your home? If so, you should consider motorized window blinds, which are an option that is practical and convenient, from The Vertical Factory in Santa Clarita.


When you choose to place motorized window blinds in your home, you will receive a convenient solution to the everyday challenges that you face. They will provide you with glare reduction, superior privacy and allow you to eliminate the necessity of manually adjusting heavy blinds or blinds that are hard to reach.


The Vertical Factory also offers a number of options that will help you to optimize the performance of your motorized window blinds, such as remote controls, radio frequency sensors and even timers. You can also select the style and color that best suits your home and décor.


The fact is that smart homes are becoming the new “norm,” and motorized window blinds fit right in this new trend. The motorized option allows you to streamline the window coverings that you use, allowing you to open, close and adjust the light from any location in your home. This definitely beats the old-fashioned method of fighting with numerous strings just to allow natural light in.


Some of the motorized window blind options that are offered at The Vertical Factory include:


  • Sheer horizontal shades;
  • Woven woods and roman shades;
  •  Cellular and pleated shades;
  • Solar or roller shades.


Some of the benefits of installing motorized window blinds in your home from The Vertical Factory include:


  • Wire Free Operation Available: You can choose to have your blinds operate by battery power, which means that there are absolutely no wires to contend with. You can also have the blinds wired into your electrical system, to avoid the hassle of having to change batteries.
  • Quiet Operation: The motorized blinds operate very quietly, which means they will not disrupt phone calls, television programs or other situations.
  • Radio Frequency Remote Control Operation: No longer do you have to “point and shoot,” with the motorized blind options offered from The Vertical Factory you can use the benefits of radio frequencies to open, close or adjust your blinds from any location in your home.


The benefits that are offered by motorized window blinds will help to simplify your life, reducing the frustration that goes along with manually adjusting your window coverings.

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