Reducing Room Heat with Honeycomb Window Shades

Reducing Room Heat with Honeycomb Window Shades
September 28, 2015 The Vertical Factory

Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Window Shades in Santa Clarita

When you’re in need of quality blinds and window shades in the Santa Clarita area, there’s no finer place to explore them than at our reputable company. We can help you address various concerns you have in your home, notably room heat. If you would like to minimize the heat in rooms of your home, the beautiful honeycomb window shades we have from the brand Hunter Douglas can be extremely helpful.

honeycomb-shadesThese energy efficient shades are equipped with layered designs that are capable of seizing air. Since air that’s motionless can’t transfer heat well, they make successful barriers in the transferal of temperatures. If you want to keep heat from outdoors out of your home interior, these shades can indeed go a long way.

The exciting benefits of honeycomb window shades beyond just heat reduction, as well. If you’re in the middle of designing a room in your residence and want to give it more privacy, these shades can work wonders. If you want to simultaneously shield your home interior from the gazes of passersby while you also minimize heat, be sure to check out our selection of these shades. If you’re tired of spending so much money every month on cooling costs for your residence, investing in these shades can be great for saving on pesky energy bills.

These window shades from Hunter Douglas are also extremely attractive. When you check out all of your options in them, you can see a vast array of different designs. If you’re looking to give your home a fresh, stylish and modern look, then you may want to consider pleated shades that are made in bright and contemporary colors. If you’re interested in shades that exist in numerous different cell sizes, then you may want to investigate Duette shades. Duette shades are exciting because they feature various light control choices, as well. These choices include both opaque and sheer. There are many appealing choices in honeycomb shades beyond just these indicated, as well.

Summer and spring months in Santa Clarita can often get unpleasantly hot and bright. If you want to protect your home and keep it cool and comfortable without having to deal with costly energy bills, purchasing honeycomb window shades can be an extremely bright idea. If you want energy efficiency, style and pure beauty in your home interior, visit our Santa Clarita showroom today to get more information about the honeycomb shades from Hunter Douglas we have in stock for you.


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