Roman Shades With a Twist

Roman Shades With a Twist
June 19, 2017 The Vertical Factory
solera hunter doglas softshade santa clarita

Roman Shades With a Twist

solera hunter doglas softshade santa claritaHunter Douglas is synonymous with luxury and opulent window coverings that hide the cords like their trademark Roman shades, Solera. With gorgeous fabric folds and blinds that move up and down the windows, it is no wonder people have fallen in love with this style of window shades.

Elegant choices

Four main types of Roman shades give homeowners several options. Every choice hides the cords and uses valances and trim ideas to create a unique look for any home or office. The Solera line is useful for brightening or darkening a room. Vignette uses fabrics in a concise fold to give consumers a crisp, modern design. The window shades are easy to use in a horizontal or vertical fashion too. The Alustra Vignette Collection combines fabric choice and the streamlined look of the Vignette models. The Design Studio version of the Roman style offers four designs to choose from with an entire host of fabrics like silk and cotton to select.


Opting for shades like the roman versions offered by Hunter Douglas gives property owners the chance to do many things with a space. Blinds can open sideways, up, or down to create a unique focal point in the room. With the variety of fabric choices, there is bound to be something that everyone loves. The use of tapes, trim, and overhead valances is another way to make a space unique and interesting. The pleats of the roman design add a style element that functions as well to darken or lighten the room depending on the need.

Making a space have an impact is what The Vertical Factory does every day. Our experts can help guests choose a selection in the showroom where we have dozens of options ready to peruse. We can also send a shades specialist to the home where the owner can see the products in the home space to decide whether or not it will work for their needs and design wishes. Visit our website to learn more about all the wonderful products we offer and request a free in-home estimate today.


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