Roman Window Shades in Santa Clarita

Roman Window Shades in Santa Clarita
June 20, 2014 SDC Admin

Roman Shades for Your Santa Clarita Home

Have you been considering adding window shades to your Santa Clarita home? Roman window shades are a great option, and these types of shades offer a number of benefits. Before you decide on type of shade, however, read about some of the benefits of Roman shades here so that you can decide whether it’s the right kind of shade for your home.Roman Window Shades in Santa Clarita


Roman shades have actually been around for several centuries in a number of different forms. Today, the classic shades are produced in a number of different styles, and often offer various features and options. Despite any small differences, they all display similar characteristics when placed on your window.


In most cases, Roman shades are created from fabric and are able to be raised and then lowered with an attached pull cord, although cordless options of Roman shades do exist as well. There are a number of different ways that these cords are made, which offer consumers a number of different styles. A flat style of Roman shade creates a much more contemporary look, while the looped or teardrop style take on a much more traditional approach to the window treatment. Due to the fact that the Roman shades are able to be created from any type of fabric (including sheer options) there is definitely a style for you, no matter what your home’s current décor is.


Benefits of Roman Shades

One of the biggest benefits offered by Roman shades is that they feature a timeless style. These shades have been in use for several decades, in their current type, and they do not have a tendency to cycle back and forth in being popular. Choosing the right fabric will also help to extend the shade’s life by ensuring it is not too trendy.


Unlike some of the harder window covering options (such as wood blinds), Roman shades will help to soften your window when they are installed. Dependent on the actual style that you select–dog-eared, balloon, looped or flat–the shade can move from a feminine and soft appearance, to a more tailored and masculine appearance.


No matter the style of your Santa Clarita home, there are a number of benefits offered by Roman shades. If you are interested in using Roman window shades in your space, contact The Vertical Factory, where you can find a friendly and professional staff who will be more than willing to help you find the ideal Roman window shade for your Santa Clarita home.


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