Window Treatments That Can Save you Money in Santa Clarita

Window Treatments That Can Save you Money in Santa Clarita
April 4, 2016 The Vertical Factory

Window Treatments That Can Save you Money

In wintertime, heating leaks out through your windows. In contrast during the summer, the outdoor heat streams in. Window treatments that deliver insulation will decrease energy consumption and in turn save on heating and cooling expenses. Keep reading to discover easy ways to cut down on your seasonal expenses with affordable Santa Clarita window treatments that will save you money.

Utilize Natural Lighting and Shades

Day lighting is the system of illuminating spaces with natural light instead of artificial lighting. Using natural lighting for any room reduces the need for other forms of artificial lighting, thus cutting your energy expenditure. Shades are deemed the trouble-free and most successful method to save on energy costs using window treatments in your Santa Clarita Home. Accurate installment is essential. Install shades as close to the glass as conceivable, next to the adjacent wall.  That will produce a tight seal that reduces heat gain and loss. Shades are adaptable as far as placement, so any window positioning is appropriate.

Choose the Right Kind of Blinds

Honeycomb or pleated blinds are readily available in Santa Clarita at The Vertical Factory. They function best when installed inside a window frame. A reflective backing or blackout lining reduces heat transmission. Blinds are an easy affordable way to spruce up your area while saving in heating and cooling costs at the same time. Window blinds—vertical or horizontal slat-type—are more efficient at cutting summer heat gain more than winter heat loss. The many gaps between the slats make it tough to regulate heat loss through interior window blinds; however, the slats offer flexibility in the summer.  Dissimilar to shades, you can regulate the slats to control light and ventilation.

Add Drapes Over Blinds or Shades to Maximize Efficiency

Window drapes are another easy way to add style and energy saving performance into a room. A window drapes ability to reduce heat loss and gain is contingent on numerous aspects, including fabric type (closed or open weave) and color. They are available in such a wide variety that it’s challenging to make a sweeping statement about their energy performance.  In summer, you should close drapes on windows getting direct sunlight to avert heat gain. Draperies also stay cooler in the summer than some other window treatments because their pleats and folds lose heat through convection.  While closed in the winter months, most draperies can reduce heat loss from a warm room up to 10%. Therefore, in winter, you should close all draperies at night, as well during the day if they don’t get a lot of direct light.  To lessen heat exchange or convection, draperies should be hung as close to windows as possible.

Whatever the style you are looking for, has exactly the affordable window treatment you need to start cutting costs on your Santa Clarita heating and cooling bills.


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