Sheer Window Shades for Maximum Light and Privacy

Sheer Window Shades for Maximum Light and Privacy
January 18, 2016 The Vertical Factory

Sheer Window Shades: Maximum Light and Privacy

Residents have a number of different choices for window treatments in Santa Clarita. However, one of the most versatile is sheer window shades. Sheer shades allow you to have privacy in your home without blocking sunlight from entering the room. By allowing more light into a room, the space will be more bright and cheerful, and less artificial illumination will be needed. While a variety of window treatments can provide privacy, few other types of window coverings can offer a combination of both privacy and light that sheer shades can provide.

luminetteHunter Douglas Luminette Privacy Shades

Luminette shades uses vertical fabric veins to create a versatile sheer covering that can be used as a window covering and for the blocking the harsh rays of the sun. When not needed, the sheer can be pulled to the side like a conventional curtain to allow an unobstructed view out of the window. These shades will allow for maximum light to penetrate the room without having to sacrifice privacy during the day.

nantucketHunter Douglas Nantucket Shades

The Nantucket series uses similar sheer materials as the Luminette, but the panels are arranged in a horizontal fashion. This horizontal design allows the blinds to be raised and lowered as needed throughout the day to block the sun without completely stopping light from entering the room or from obscuring the view from the windows. The Nantucket sheers use a boxed design that helps the sheer to provide thermal insulation in addition to its function as a window covering.

Additional Benefits

Both the Luminette and Nantucket sheer window shades block out about 75% of UV rays that can fade out and damage paint, furniture and other interior furnishings. The Hunter Douglas window sheers can be installed with a motorized system operated by a wireless remote. The wireless system can simplify the process of setting the sheers in the desired position.

For more information on the Luminette, Nantucket or other options for sheer shades, contact The Vertical Factory in Santa Clarita. We can help customers to select and install the right window treatments to add beauty and function to any space.


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