Sliding Glass Door Shades in Santa Clarita

Sliding Glass Door Shades in Santa Clarita
November 9, 2015 The Vertical Factory

Sliding Glass Door Shades

vertiglide-300One of the biggest challenges that accompanies a sliding glass door is ensuring privacy. Due to the size of these doors, it is often difficult to find the right door shade. If privacy is achieved, you often have to sacrifice and deal with a cumbersome window blind that is difficult to open and close. If a thinner, easier to operate shade is installed, then you have to deal with minimal energy efficiency.

The good news is, with shades featuring Vertaglide, you can have it all. This unique operating system for sliding glass door shades in Santa Clarita is designed for smooth operation, without any chains or cords. You can also have shades installed on each section of the door, which operated independently of one another. With this operating system for your sliding glass door shades you receive:

  • Ease of use
  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Ability to cover the entire surface for ultimate privacy

Another benefit offered by the sliding glass door shads that utilize the Vertiglide operating system is that they are simply to clean. You can use the vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt, or hire a professional to clean them for you.

When open completely, the shades compact into a stack that is only six inches thick, regardless of how large your sliding glass door may be.

If you are ready to experience all that is offered by the unique Vertiglide system, contact The Vertical Factory in Santa Clarita today. The professional team can help find the ideal window solutions for your needs and ensure you achieve the energy efficiency and privacy you desire in your home.


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