Top Down or Bottom up Window Shades for Your Santa Clarita Home

Top Down or Bottom up Window Shades for Your Santa Clarita Home
January 5, 2015 SDC Admin

Top Down or Bottom up Window Shades

Having the sunlight streaming in through a window brightens the room and makes things cozy, but an open window doesn’t offer much in the way of privacy. This is where Top Down Bottom Up Window Shades really come in handy. These versatile shades allow you to open the top or bottom portion of the window shade independently meaning you can leave the top up for light while keeping the bottom half closed for privacy.

These shades are especially nice for reading rooms, libraries and home offices since you can control the light amount and help block out noise. Bedrooms also greatly benefit for the privacy factors. Top Down Bottom Up Shades also help to keep a room cooler during hot months while still allowing some sunlight in, either from the top or bottom depending on the time of day and how much light you prefer. You can also opt to stop the shades somewhere in the middle. Along with this unique feature, top down bottom up shades are available from a variety of brands and styles including:


  • ALUSTRA® VIGNETTE®roman-shades-santa-clarita-300x159

The Vertical Factory offers custom made Top Down Bottom Up Shades with in home measuring and consultation to ensure a perfect fit the first time. We also offer a free report to help you when deciding on the best window treatments for you. You can download our free report on the 3 Biggest Mistakes Made When Buying Window Treatments to avoid time and money wasting problems when shopping for blinds and shades.


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