Vertical Window Blinds Have Some Benefits That You May Not Know – Santa Clarita Window Treatments

Vertical Window Blinds Have Some Benefits That You May Not Know – Santa Clarita Window Treatments
March 18, 2014 SDC Admin

Vertical Blinds in Santa Clarita California

When the majority of people hear the term “vertical blinds” they automatically think sliding glass doors. While this is the obvious choice, there are a number of other applications that these blinds can be used for. The Vertical Factory offers and installs vertical blinds in Santa Clarita for a number of different residential and commercial spaces. No matter what your decorating needs are, The Vertical Factory can help to match you with the ideal set of vertical blinds.

Appealing Factors of Vertical Window Blinds

One of the most appealing factors offered by vertical blinds is their ability to remain clean. When horizontal blinds are installed, they easily collect dust and dirt, while the smooth surface of vertical blinds helps to minimize the dust collection. This helps keep the blinds looking cleaner, much longer.

Another benefit of vertical blinds is that they are offered to match the color and the style of the other window coverings that are being used in your decor. In many situations, vertical blinds offer a way to contrast the other types of shades or blinds in the room. The Vertical Factory can provide you with matching horizontal and vertical blinds if you choose – the options are vast.

Even though vertical blinds were first used the 1960s, it was not until the 1980s that it became a staple in the homes of Americans. When these types of blinds were first introduced, the styles, materials and textures were extremely limited. Now, vertical blinds from the Vertical Factory can be matched to complement any type of home or décor that you have.

You Should Consider Certain Aspects of Vertical Blinds

It is important to remember that all Vertical Blinds are not created equally. In fact, you should consider certain aspects to ensure that you are purchasing a quality product that will have extended longevity for your home. Some features of vertical blinds in Santa Clarita to consider are highlighted here.

  • Opacity: this is the amount of light that the material allows to pass through when the blinds are closed;
  • Tracks: There are some tracks for vertical blinds that are made from aluminum ad others from steel. Aluminum provides a much smarter option since it is able to withstand humid conditions and do not pose a risk of rusting.

There are also a number of vertical blinds that are offered as a motorized option, allowing you to have superior convenience and function.

If you would like to have vertical blinds in Santa Clarita installed in your home, contact the Vertical Factory today.

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