Why Sheer Window Shades Could Be Right For your Santa Clarita Home

Why Sheer Window Shades Could Be Right For your Santa Clarita Home
September 8, 2014 SDC Admin

Sheer Window Shades from the Vertical Factory Santa Clarita

Your home is as unique as you. It reflects your style, likes and personality. From the furniture to the flooring and everything in between, having features that it you is essential for your comfort and happiness. An important factor that you cannot forget, is your window treatments. What you choose for your Santa Clarita home will determine the amount of natural light that gets in, and how the windows look. If you are looking for sheer window shades, then you should consider the options offered by Hunter Douglas.

Some of the options you have when shopping the selection of Hunter Douglas sheer window shades are highlighted here.Sheer Window Shades in Santa Clarita


The Silhouette collection, which features the Signature S-Vane appear to magically float in between two different sheers and work to diffuse the harsh sunlight coming into your home. You can just tilt the vanes in order to achieve the desired light levels and privacy.

Alustra Silhouette

The Alustra Silhouette shadings are superiorly crafted from an extremely exclusive selection of various texture front sheers, as well as metallic and accented vanes and hardware finishes that offer truly stylish innovations that will elevate the appearance of your home.


If you have sliding doors, or wider windows, the ideal option to consider is the Luminette Privacy sheers. These are offered in a number of different drapery like and sheer fabrics offering a vast array of privacy and light control options.

Alustra Luminette

These sheers can be found in a number of different sheer fabrics, with features such as metallic hardware, offering an entirely new level of illumination and beauty for your homes sliding doors and wide windows.

Luminette Modern Draperies

These offer a seamless type of contoured fabric that create a traditional style and elegance. They are available in full panels of fabric, or you can opt for dual panels that combine privacy sheers with drapery fabric.


The Pirouette collection of shadings feature softer fabrics and vanes that are attached to sheer backing that makes the entire treatment to appear as though it is floating, which helps to draw natural light into your home. When the shades are closed, they will appear to be traditional shades.

Alustra Pirouette

This option combines superior function with the radiant collection only offered by Alustra Pirouette shadings. These offer refined texture with subtle sheen that creates a truly captivating ambiance that will allow sunlight to filter into your space.


The Nantucket option offers a streamlined selection of different operating systems, as well as softer sheers. They are affordably priced and stylish, featuring three inch vanes that will tilt to provide effective light control options.

If you want to see all the window treatment options offered by Hunter Douglas, visit the Vertical Factory in Santa Clarita today.


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