Window Design Trends for 2017

Window Design Trends for 2017
May 22, 2017 The Vertical Factory
window design trends 2017 santa clarita

Window Design Trends for 2017

window design trends 2017 santa claritaUpdating your home to keep its style (and yours) current is always a great idea. However, many homeowners stop at paint and floors without considering the “eyes” of the house: the windows. Window design trends change over time just like any other, and keeping your windows updated is more than frames and glass. Think treatments! Window treatments are basically the interior decoration of a window. They can consist of shades, blinds, shutters, or any other accessory hung on or around a window to enhance its appeal and drama. If you’re ready to revamp your home beyond floors, walls, and decor, here are the window design trends for 2017.

Update with Color

When it comes to color, bright is in! In the past, windows were treated with neutral colors like white, cream, or a subdued hue that could match anything. Nowadays, bold is better! When painting, the trend is to make an accent wall, a single, very bold or brightly colored focal point. Similarly, highlight a room’s windows with color. Sunny yellows, bright turquoises, and deep jewel tones are all the rage right now.

Textures & Patterns

Don’t stop at color! Integrate textures and patterns into your window treatments for the greatest impact. Natural fibers like woven bamboo or linen add depth and character. Similarly, exciting patterns on blinds or shades also bring refreshed life to a dreary window.


While you want to let the light in (and lots of it because bright, natural light is popular now!), it’s also important to know how to block it. Wood blinds block light, but trending are sheer panels and honeycomb shades, which offer different degrees of light-blocking with the attractive efficiency of new window tech.

The Vertical Factory offers a wide variety of colors, textures, patterns, and stylish efficiency window treatments that will fit both your budget and style. From traditional wood shutters to the high-tech world of honeycomb shades, along with great advice, The Vertical Factory can help you update your windows (and doors) to the latest trends of 2017.


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