Window Treatments That Keep Your Home Warm

Window Treatments That Keep Your Home Warm
January 23, 2017 The Vertical Factory
santa clarita warm window treatments

Window Treatments That Keep Your Home Warm

santa clarita warm window treatmentsThe cost of heating a home can be very expensive. Many people in Santa Clarita may go without heating their homes in the winter time just to save money. Luckily, there are many ways that you can significantly lower your heating costs without having to sacrifice your own personal comfort. Windows are one of the easiest ways for a house to lose heat. You can stop this by investing in custom window treatments that will keep your house much warmer during the colder months. There is a wide variety to choose from, so let’s go over some of the options available.

Roller Shades

There are roller shades out there available that are layered with thick fabric in order to reduce the flow of hot air. This makes them ideal for both wintertime and summertime, as it will keep the hot air in during the cold and keep the hot air out during the warmer months. This cuts down significantly on energy costs. The shades themselves can easily be made to fit any existing décor.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are another option that offers great heat retention capabilities. These were invented by the company Hunter Douglas back in 1985 in response to the energy crisis of the 70s. These are great shades that simultaneously lock in heat while also looking great as well. We offer a variety of these sorts of shades that will match any home decorating style.

Quality Blinds

If roller or cellular shades aren’t your style, there are also vertical blinds that offer a great look while also keeping the warmth in your house. These blinds are made to look like draperies and are made to completely insulate your windows while also looking great. They significantly cut down on drafts and will keep your house warm in the winter time.

At The Vertical Factory in Santa Clarita, all of our shades and blinds, shades, and shutters are built to last. They will keep your house as warm as you like it to be without needing to shell out big money on energy bills. Visit our website to learn more about or custom-made products and professional installation. We even offer free in-home estimates!


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