Wood Blinds from Hunter Douglas in Santa Clarita

Wood Blinds from Hunter Douglas in Santa Clarita
February 20, 2015 SDC Admin

Plastic blinds are often an economical option when purchasing window treatments however they leave much to be desired when it comes to providing privacy. While plastic blinds will obscure a view of the interior of a space, even the best plastics will still allow some outline details of people and objects in the room to be seen. Because of this they will also allow for more light to come in, making them a poor choice for bedrooms or entertainment rooms. Fortunately, wood blinds from Hunter Douglas offer an attractive alternative.


Santa Clarita, California residents and anyone living in warmer or sunnier climates know how important it is to have window treatments that are able to block sunlight to keep energy costs down. Wood blinds offer superior privacy and light blocking over plastic blinds along with several other benefits including:

  • Easier to Clean: Because wood is more sturdy than plastic, a damp cloth or cleanser can be used without having to remove them for cleaning.
  • Long Lasting: Wood is more expensive than plastic but it will also last far longer meaning you will likely save money in the long run and won’t have to hassle with getting them replaced as often.
  • Sophisticated Styling: Wood blinds immediately add a subtle richness and texture to any room.
  • Easily Restyled: These blinds are durable enough to withstand having a new stain added to them which will allow you to customize them to changing décor.


The Vertical Factory of Santa Clarita carries several options of Hunter Douglas wood blinds and offers in home consultation and custom measurements for your new blinds. If you are still considering your options for window treatments you can download our free report on the 3 Biggest Mistakes Made When Buying Window Treatments that contains important information to save you wasted time and money before purchasing.


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