Woven Wood Shades in Santa Clarita

Woven Wood Shades in Santa Clarita
February 22, 2016 The Vertical Factory

Woven Wood Shades: Window Design Trend for 2016

woven woodEven homeowners and apartment dwellers that aren’t planning for a full-blown interior makeover are constantly looking for new design ideas. Playing around with window and door accessories is a proven method for radically breathing new life into any space in your home. One Santa Clarita window treatment that’s sure to go gangbusters in the upcoming year is woven wood shades. These versatile window adornments make any room more enjoyable and look great at the same time when implemented intelligently.

What Are Woven Wood Shades?

Woven wood window shades are exactly what they sound like: drop-down sun blockers that are comprised of interwoven wooden slats or fibers. They’re constructed using a few of the lighter wood species out there such as bamboo and jute. Different makes and models employ a variety of weaves depending on how porous the specific shade is meant to be. Woven wood shades also come in a variety of textures and colors that can jive with any interior decor scheme.

Why Woven Wood is All the Rage

Shades of the woven wood variety have become far more popular in the last year or two for a few key reasons. First off, woven wood shades allow homeowners to fine-tune their light exposure and visibility through the panes. Furthermore, wood shades are an aesthetically pleasing window dressing that creates a natural, earthy atmosphere indoors. Beyond that, woven wood is an organic option that doesn’t harm the environment and can be recycled or re-purposed later on.

How They are Being Used in 2016

While woven wood shade systems look terrific and deliver great performance by themselves, they work best when paired with other window accessories. Most style-conscious homeowners use wood shades as the first line of defense and augment them with drapes. Whether they’re light cotton, heavy wool or a synthetic material, colorful drapes set off wood shades nicely and allow residents to tightly control how much light enters a room.

What to Look for When You Buy

Clearly, the winning Santa Clarita window treatment for the foreseeable future is natural wooden shades provided by The Vertical Factory. Check out quality, top-tier manufacturers like Hunter Douglas that specialize in superior wood shades to start with. When window-shopping for shade candidates, ask questions about specific characteristics like weight, density and light permeability before pulling the trigger. When chosen wisely, a good woven wood shade will add value to any window for years to come.


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